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Replacement Fork Covers for KTM/Husqvarna ? Fork


PART NUMBER: 4120403

RMM PART: 0412-0403


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please contact sales at (800)482-4899 to place your order.
SKU: 0412-0403 Category:
Off-Road Motorcycle KTM 2018 85 SX (Big Bore) -
Off-Road Motorcycle Husqvarna 2018 - 2019 TC 85 (Big Bore) -
Off-Road Motorcycle KTM 2018 - 2019 85 SX 17/14 -
Off-Road Motorcycle KTM 2018 - 2021 85 SX -
Off-Road Motorcycle Husqvarna 2018 - 2023 TC 85 -
Off-Road Motorcycle KTM 2018 - 2023 85 SX BW 19/16 -
Off-Road Motorcycle Gas Gas 2021 - 2023 MC 85 17/14 -
Fitment Disclosure

This quick reference fitment information is provided for you as a reference from the manufacturer’s information. Consult manufacturer publication(s) and/or website(s) for specific fitment and application information and other important information. This fitment information is based upon the stock version of the motorcycle or unit referenced and any accessory added or other modification could invalidate the quick reference information provided.

General Safety Warning

to follow manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements can cause product failure resulting in serious injury or death. While every effort has been taken in collecting accurate fitment information, RMM Motorsports accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from errors or omissions. If you believe any of the information provided is erroneous, please email sales@rmmmotorsports.com.

  • OEM color-matched for direct replacement or works look
  • Pre-drilled pieces mount easily to stock locations
  • Made in Italy
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