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Iron Alloy Valve Seat


PART NUMBER: 9261637

RMM PART: 0926-1637


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ATV/UTV Suzuki 2000 - 2015 LT-Z QuadSport 400 4x2 -
Off-Road Motorcycle Suzuki 2001 - 2016 DR-Z 400 -
Off-Road Motorcycle Suzuki 2005 - 2014 RM-Z 450 -
Off-Road Motorcycle Kawasaki 2008 - 2016 KLX 450 R -
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  • Premium valve seats for applications using steel valves
  • A specific combination of alloys allowed a creation of a high density, iron-based valve seat with uniform hardness, exceptional thermal qualities and high resistance to wear and recession caused by microwelding
  • Only by using the latest developments in powdered metal technology were we able to blend these alloys to give a seat material with the qualities required for today's engines
  • These seats have been tested on the track and street in high-rpm applications with leaded, unleaded, and oxygenated fuel, as well as methanol, ethanol, nitrous, and forced induction applications
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Verify size before ordering.
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