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Dragmax Tire


PART NUMBER: 3021518

RMM PART: 0302-1518


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  • The Dragmax is a radial tire that utilizes Dunlop's exclusive N-TEC technology, which combines the benefits of cut-breaker construction with continuously-wound aramid Jointless Tread construction for maximum feel and stability
  • Features ultra-soft compound and is wider and flatter than a typical hypersports tire also helps lay down a bigger footprint
  • Minimizes centrifugal growth to keep that footprint as consistent as possible, which also reduces the risk of de-beading
  • The combination of a flat profile, ultra-soft compound, and N-TEC construction creates Maximum Grip Technology, or MGT
  • Allows racers to run very low pressure, increasing the footprint for maximum traction
  • For Drag racers on metric and v-twin motorcycles
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